Town of  Ste. Rose du Lac
Cattle Capital of Manitoba Canada


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Ste.Rose Ste. Amelie Archery club 75th Anniv 2001 left to right: Lionel Gosselin, Elise Fayant, Frank Beheyt [103 years], Frank's daughter, Emile Lepine, Berte Lahaie Lepine.

Archery1950sB shooting from left: Mrs Vandenbosch, Louise Ménec, Mrs. Lussier [Tête-Rouge]


Archery bows and trophies 2001


Archery1950sA from left top: Vina Lepla, Mrs. Gobillot, Odile Dupas, ??, Louise Finney, Palmire Debeuckelaere, Julia Verhaeghe, Flora Gosselin, Yvonne Debeuckelaere. on top right



                                                                At the Sunday Archery shoot 1953 left Larus Finney, August Ménec, Emile Lepine, extreme right, Gerard Debeuckelaere
                                                                the kids are Louise, Marie, Dan, Pat Ménec

Pole shoot this is the laydown pole. 2001

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